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Joe Jackson started Jackson Lawn Care in 2016, as a way to keep busy in the summer, working outside and making money on the side. Initially only serving Joe's neighborhood (Elm Leaf Ln, and Prariegrass Preserve) and offering a few lawn services, including mowing and mulch. In this stage of the business, Joe used his dad's riding mower, string trimmer, and blower to get the business going, but soon expended.

After being in business for about 2 months, Joe recognized the demand for higher volume lawn care and landscaping. This discovery was made through listening to customers discuss their displeasure for their current landscaper and those who they have attempted to work with, realizing the common trend of unreasonable pricing, low quality work, and poor communication. He thought "I can be better than this" and that is what fueled the business from there on out. He started with the acquisition of higher quality hand tools, a commercial zero-turn mower, and a limited amount of power equipment. 

As time went on, he began hiring help to further grow the business and maximize efficiency. This allowed for the purchase of higher quality equipment and a vast variety of specialty tools. This growth further progressed the business, allowing them to take on more clients and offer even more professional services. 

Currently Jackson Lawn Care posses a wide variety of equipment, including 2 Commercial Zero Turn mowers, several types of trailers, tillers, stump grinders, specialty vacuums, bed edgers, and much more. They now have the ability to do nearly every lawn care and landscaping task that their customers desire, and have the experience and business skills to conduct a professional service from beginning to end. They stick to their founding pillars, of affordable pricing, superior communication, and high quality service.

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